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  • Determination of linuron in chamomile by LC-MS/MS using the QuEChERS extraction method 

    Spirovic Trifunovic, Bojana; Vukovic, Gorica; Jovanovic-Radovanov, Katarina; Bursic, Vojislava; Meseldzija, Maja
    Linuron is a selective herbicide used for the control of broadleaf weeds. Its mode of action is the inhibition of photosynthesis. The QuEChERS method for extraction of linuron residues from chamomile was used. The LC–MS/MS ...
  • Pesticide Residues Determination in Sour Cherries by LC-MS/MS 

    Bursic, Vojislava; Vukovic, Gorica; Zeremski, Tijana; Gvozdenac, Sonja; Petrovic, Aleksandra; Ivanovic, Ivana; Popovic, Aleksandra
    The MRM for the determination of acetamiprid, dimethoate, carbendazim, pyraclostrobin, propiconazole and tebuconazole in sour cherries was done by LC-MS/MS. Propiconazole was detected in two samples above the MRL while all ...
  • Screening Method of Pesticide Residues in Bees 

    Bursic, Vojislava; Vukovic, Gorica; Vukovic, Nebijsa; Cuk, Nemanja; Gvozdenac, Sonja; Meseldzija, Maja; Popovic, Aleksandra
    The losses of bee colonies are of alarming proportion not only for bee-keepers and honey consumers but for agricultural production and the market itself as well. Since 2006, honey bees and other pollinators throughout ...