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  • Investigating Machinery Management Parameters with Computer Tools 

    Grisso, Robert; Cundiff, John; Vaughan, David
    Engineering tools have been effective in demonstrating the parameter impacts on machinery systems. This paper shows four class exercises and discusses the parameter influences and decision-making for the examples. These ...
  • Machinery Productivity Estimates from Seed Tenders 

    Grisso, Robert; Hanna, Mark; Taylor, Randy; Vaughan, David
    Several methods and machines have been introduced during the last five years that can improve the timeliness and productivity of planting operations. Several manufacturers claim these devices can increase productivity by ...
  • Using the Veris Electrical Conductivity Cart as a Draft Predictor 

    Grisso, Robert; Ehrhardt, Jeffery; Kocher, Michael; Jasa, Paul; Schinstock, Jack
    The use of an electro-conductivity cart as a reference implement to predict tillage draft was studied. Regression analysis was used to develop prediction equations for the draft of two implements (three-point mounted field ...