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  • Devices for Oxygen Content Increment in Warm Water Fish Ponds 

    Canak, Stevan; Radivojevic, Dusan; Topisirovic, Goran
    Successful and high yield warm water fish production (mostly carp) is mainly limited by the content of dissolved oxygen in the water. Oxygen content in fish pond water varies according to daily and seasonal fluctuations, ...
  • Factor Influencing Irrigation on Slopes 

    Djevic, Milan; Miodragovic, Rajko; Mileusnic, Zoran
    Intensive plant production can not be imagined without irrigation. Support to this fact is that 18% of the total arable land in the world is irrigated, and the agricultural production from this area is equal to the total ...
  • Investigation of Mobile Irrigation Systems for Plant Production 

    Miodragovic, Rajko; Djevic, Milan
    This paper provides the synthesis of long lasting research of mobile raining irrigation systems in crop and vegetable production. The research included three types of mobile self-propelled rain guns and one linear ...