Recent Submissions

  • Design, Classification, Perspectives and Possible Applications Drones in Agriculture of Serbia 

    Oljaca, Mico; Pajic, Milos; Gligorevic, Kosta; Drazic, Milan; Zlatanovic, Ivan; Dimitrijevic, Aleksandra; Miodragovic, Rajko; Mileusnic, Zoran; Radojevic, Rade; Zivkovic, Milovan; Petrovic, Dragan; Radivojevic, Dusan; Urosevic, Mirko; Topisirovic, Goran; Radicevic, Branko; Ecim, Olivera; Balac, Nebojsa
    The paper analyzes the possibility and the needs for the use of specific types of robots (mini unmanned aircraft with different designs and the designation of UAVs) and the possibility of using in agriculture (agrodrone). ...
  • Tractor Tyre Examination Procedure for Determination of Basic Mechanical Parameters 

    Stojic, Boris
    In the scope of studying vibration properties of the vehicle, or the tire itself, it is necessary to know the appropriate influential parameters of the tire. This paper presents the universal procedure for determining the ...
  • The Importance of Layout in a Production Process 

    Joksimovic, Aleksandra; Markovic, Dragan; Simonovic, Vojislav; Medojevic, Ivana
    In engineering design, the problem of layout has a special significance and has been the object of research for many years. There are two groups of problems: the problem of location and the problem of the distribution of ...
  • Internal and External Audit as a Factor in Improving the Management of the Agricultural Enterprise 

    Popovic, Slobodan; Laban, Bogdan; Vukasovic, Dragan; Ivic, Mladen; Nastic, Sanda; Popovic, Vera
    An audit may be a factor and a decision support mechanism for the management is set up. This time the use of the revision should contribute to improving the overall management results of the agricultural enterprise. The ...
  • Mutual Impact of Different Parameters in Yield Monitoring 

    Markovic, Dragan; Simonovic, Vojislav; Tasic, Nevena; Medojevic, Ivana; Joksimovic, Aleksandra
    en measuring and analyzing site-specific yield known as the yield monitoring within a wider cycle of precise agriculture, about 30 parameters are measured from inertia for mapping yields. The most important parameters with ...