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CFD simulacija protoka fluida kroz kratke prigušnice sa oštrim ivicama

dc.contributor.authorDimitrov, Sasko
dc.contributor.authorDimitrovski, Zoran
dc.description.abstractIn this paper the static characteristics of the sharp edged orifices have been investigated. Mathematical relationship between pressure loss and flow through the orifice has been developed and solved for this type of orifices. A CFD simulation of the flowing process has been done. Full CAD model of the volume for orifices with different geometric parameters was created and meshed at finite number of elements. As a result of the CFD computations, few diagrams have been presented and compared to the theoretical ones. The discharge coefficient and the pressure loss coefficient have been
dc.description.abstractU radu su istražene statičke karakteristike protoka fluida u prigušnicima oštrih ivica. Za ovaj tip otvora razvijen je i rešen matematički odnos gubitka pritiska i protoka kroz otvore. Prikazana i urađena je CFD simulacija protoka. Izrađen je CAD model zapremina protoka sa različitim geometrijskim parametrima podeljen konačnim brojem elemenata. Kao rezultat CFD proračuna, prikazani su dijagrami koji su upoređeni sa teoretskim dijagramom. U proračunu su dobijeni koeficijent protoka i koeficijent gubitka
dc.subjectpressure dropsr
dc.subjectdischarge coefficientsr
dc.subjectpad pritiskasr
dc.subjectCFD simulacijasr
dc.subjectkoeficijent protokasr
dc.titleCFD Simulation of the Flowing Process through the Short Length Sharp Edged Orificessr
dc.title.alternativeCFD simulacija protoka fluida kroz kratke prigušnice sa oštrim ivicamasr

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