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Proces izgradnje, rada i merenja test reaktora za proizvodnju biogasa

dc.contributor.authorVindis, Peter
dc.contributor.authorKelc, Damijan
dc.contributor.authorLakota, Miran
dc.contributor.authorBerk, Peter
dc.contributor.authorOslaj, Matjaz
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the research is to build an experimental reactor to study and optimize the production of biogas and its composition from energy crops and other materials of organic origin. An experimental reactor in a biogas plant was constructed for the anaerobic digestion of various substrates. With the experimental reactor, anaerobic digestion can be performed with the basic substrate of pig manure and in different compositions of the substrate. The substrate can be assembled in various combinations of energy crops. The method of construction of the experimental reactor was based on the standard method DIN 38 414, also with the mentioned method we produce biogas under normal conditions from various substrates. The process also determines the quality of biogas or methane content. The built biogas reactor is a reduced version of the economic reactor and serves to optimize the production of biogas in economic
dc.description.abstractSvrha istraživanja je izgradnja eksperimentalnog reaktora za proučavanje i optimizaciju proizvodnje biogasa i njegovog sastava iz energetskih useva i drugih materijala organskog porekla. Izveden je eksperimentalni reaktor u postrojenju za biogas za anaerobnu digestiju različitih supstrata. Sa eksperimentalnim reaktorom, anaerobna digestija se može izvršiti sa osnovnom podlogom stajnjaka od svinja i različitim sastavima substrata. Podloga (substrat) može se sastaviti od različitih kombinacija energetskih useva. Način izrade eksperimentalnog reaktora zasnovan je na metodi standarda DIN 38 414. Takođe pomenutom metodom mi proizvodimo biogas u normalnim uslovima iz različitih podloga. Proces takođe određuje kvalitet sadržaja biogasa ili metana. Izgrađeni reaktor za biogas je redukovana verzija ekonomskog reaktora i služi za optimizaciju proizvodnje biogasa u ekonomskim
dc.subjecttest reactorsr
dc.subjectanaerobic fermentationsr
dc.subjecttest reaktorsr
dc.subjectanaerobna fermentacijasr
dc.titleConstruction, Operation and Measuring Process of Test Reactor for Biogas Productionsr
dc.title.alternativeProces izgradnje, rada i merenja test reaktora za proizvodnju biogasasr

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