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  • Development of Air Assisted Sprayer for Greenhouse Floriculture Crops 

    Wandkar, Sachin Vilas; Mathur, Shailendra Mohan; Gholap, Babasaheb Sukhdeo; Jadhav, Pravin Prakash
    Floriculture is one of the major sectors in Indian agriculture. Main threats to floriculture production are insects, pests and diseases. Therefore, a motor operated air assisted sprayer was developed for greenhouse ...
  • Greenhouse Energy Consumption for Tomato and Cucumber Seedlings Production 

    Djevic, Milan; Trivuncic, Zoran; Dimitrijevic, Aleksandra
    Greenhouse production is most energy consuming branch in agriculture and in same time with lowest energy efficiency. Concerning the fact that energy input in greenhouse production has a highest share in product market ...
  • Technical Systems for Microclimate Control Within Green Houses 

    Momirovic, Nebojsa; Vasic, Bojan; Raicevic, Dragisa; Oljaca, Mico
    Plant production within a protected area presents the most intense way of agricultural production. Plant growing is intense year-round, with high yields and high quality products. The point of microclimate regulation ...