Institute for Zootechnics of the Faculty of Agriculture University of Belgrade and Department of Animal Sciences of the Faculty of Agriculture University of Novi Sad both have a long tradition in organizing scientific events. Institute for Zootechnics has been organizer of nineteen national conferences "Innovations in animal science" that 2012 evolved into "The first international symposium on animal science". At the same time, Department of Animal Sciences twenty three times was successful organizer of the International Symposium "New Technologies in Contemporary Animal Production". This year, these two institutions have decided to continue the tradition by joint forces, and the "International Symposium on animal science 2014" is the result of that cooperation. The main goal of this Symposium is to establish better collaboration between animal science researches and specialists from industry, trade and other related fields, and producers from Serbia, Western Balkans, EU and other parts of the World in their common fields of interests in science, education and good livestock production practice. The Symposium covers the most important topics in animal sciences: 1. Animal Raising and Reproduction, 2. Animal Breeding and Genetics, 3. Animal Nutrition, 4. Animal Health and Welfare, and Farm Biosecurity, 5. Game Production, Fishery and Beekeeping, 6. Rural Development, Organic and Sustainable Livestock Production, 7. Quality of livestock products and 8. Transfer of knowledge and innovations in Animal Science. We are grateful to the all institutions who responded to our invitation to help us in organization of this event. We thank the Symposium co-organizers: Faculty of biotechnology and food sciences in Nitra (Slovakia), Faculty of Agriculture- University of Zagreb (Croatia), Faculty of animal science and biotechnology in Timisoara (Romania), Faculty of Agriculture-Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (Croatia), Research Institute for Animal Production in Nitra (Slovakia), and Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia (Serbia). Also, we express a special thanks to European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng), and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia as well as all other institutions, sponsors and donators for support. We thank all authors and co-authors for their contribution in achieving the high scientific level of all topics, as well as invited speakers and members of the International Scientific and the Organizing Committees. Finally, we thank all participants, contributors, chairpersons, organizational and technical assistants for the considerable efforts they made in realization of this event. Sincerely, Prof. Dr Zoran Popovic Editor in Chief and Chairman of Symposium Organising and Scientific Committees

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