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  • Evaluation of Possibilities of Venturia inaequlis Control by Ecologically Acceptable Products 

    Balaz, Jelica; Acimovic, Srdjan; Aleksic, Goran; Bodroza, Marija; Cvetkovic, Biljana
    Possibility of V. inaequalis control on apple variety Idared was evaluated by ecologically acceptable products such as inorganic fungicides and acidified clays. The obtained results were compared with common, chemical ...
  • Identification of Eutypa lata, a Grapevine Parasite 

    Delibasic, Goran; Acimovic, Srdjan; Gajic, Sanja
    The phytopathogenic fungus Eutypa lata (Pers.: Fr.) Tul. and C. Tul., the causing agent of eutypa dieback, has been increasingly often identified in recent times as a cause of grapevine disease. It was first discovered ...