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  • Generators for Conversion of Wind Energy Into Electrical Energy 

    Vukic, Djukan; Ercegovic, Djuro; Raicevic, Dragisa
    This paper presents the characteristes of an electrical generators which are being used for conversion of wind energy to electrical energy. There has been performed analysis of the work of induction generators whith the ...
  • Exploitation Costs of Water Aerators at the Warm-Water Fish-Ponds 

    Vasiljevic, Zorica; Radivojevic, Dusan; Topisirovic, Goran; Canak, Stevan
    Modern fish production requires utilization of new technologies, which assumes application of appropriate mechanization and devices. In the process of the fish production in the warm-water fish-ponds it frequently appears ...
  • Approaching Optimization of the Control Algorytm of Res Based Cogeneration System 

    Todorovic, Marija; Ecim, Olivera; Zlatanovic, Ivan
    CHP – Combined Heat and Power, Cogeneration or Trigeneration (when cooling is needed in addition to heating) of heat and power systems normally make effective use of both electric power and heat energy from a generator, ...
  • Analyses of Consequences of Tractor Accidents 

    Tanevski, Dragi; Dimitrovski, Zoran; Oljaca, Mico; Raicevic, Dragisa; Ruzicic, Lazar
    In this paper are the results of the consequences of traffic accidents and accidents with tractor working on the field in agriculture of Macedonia. Today the agriculture is comparatively dangerous branch of economy, and ...
  • Radial Sealers – the Rolle and Importance in Machinery Maintenance 

    Radojevic, Nebojsa; Petrovic, Predrag; Markovic, Ljubisa
    Appropriate choice of sealing elements is one of essential tasks of sealing related with problem of working fluids loosening. In that way cost of maintenance are decreasing and reliability of machinery couples is improving. ...
  • Exploitational Characteristics of Machine for Solid Manure Treatment KOMPO - M1 

    Radivojevic, Dusan; Radojevic, Rade; Mileusnic, Zoran; Topisirovic, Goran; Raicevic, Vera; Lalevic, Blazo
    In this paper exploatational characteristics of self-propelled machine for aerobic solid manure treatment were discussed. Influence of machine traveling speed and working body rotation speed on required power supply and ...
  • The Comparative Analysis of Basic Machine Working Parameters for Chamomile Harvesting 

    Pajic, Milos; Raicevic, Dragisa; Ercegovic, Djuro; Miodragovic, Rajko; Gligorevic, Kosta; Radojevic, Rade
    One of the most important problem in chamomile field production is mechanized process of harvesting. The occurrence of numerous technical solutions of chamomile harvesting machines is a result of this problem. This study ...
  • Measuring Systems in Self-Propelled Agricultural Combine Harvesters 

    Markovic, Dragan; Veljic, Milan; Krejic, Zorica
    Optimal utilisation of all combine harvester functions depends on the phase of measuring systems technological development provided for nominally functioning of a self-propelled agricultural combine harvester, especially ...
  • Economic of Mechanisation of the Tomato Production Technology 

    Mago, Laszlo; Hajdu, Jozsef; Jakovac, Frigyes
    In this paper the economic investigation of field vegetable production is introduced by using the production technology of the most important vegetable, tomato as examples. Tomato is one of the most popular vegetables ...
  • Contribution to Mechanization of Work in Agriculture 

    Djordjevic, Ljubodrag; Djuric, Sava; Veselinovic, Svetlana
    Strategy determinations for country development and current state in economy put in need the constant development of agriculture with aim to reach the level of developed countries. In order to reach this aim it is necessary ...
  • Testing Resultes of Trailers for Mixing and Distribution of Livestock Food 

    Djevic, Milan; Mratinic, Branko; Protulipac, Tomislav
    This paper rewies the analysis exploitation test trailers for distribute and mixing food for stock feed production. The start basis was normativ nourishment towards reciped tehnologist on the farm in PKB, the construction ...
  • Climatic Condition Inside Greenhouses and Possibilities for their Control 

    Djevic, Milan; Blazin, Slobodan; Dimitrijevic, Aleksandra
    Successful greenhouse production is defined by four main factors – temperature, light, water content of the air and soil, and quality of air inside the objects. The greates influence of all these factors and highest ...
  • Regulation of Energy Entering Into and Emitting out of Plastic Greenhouse 

    Boroja, Mitar; Urosevic, Mirko; Zivkovic, Milovan; Komnenic, Vaso
    In both controlled spaces and plastic greenhouses it is essential to maintain the optimum conditions for undisturbed development of growing plants. Energy of the sun radiation reaching plastic greenhouses changes ...
  • Working Effects of Combines Zmaj 142RM and John Deere 2264 in Wheat Harvest in Agro-Ecology Condition of Srem Area 

    Barac, Sаsa; Djokic, Dragoslav; Biberdzic, Milan
    Introduction of high productive combines in harvest technology process, is represented by point of quality loss of harvested grains. In the paper are comparatively showed data of investigations of two wheat combines ...
  • Detection of Vibrations and their Elimination on Rotate Mechanical Systems 

    Asonja, Aleksandar; Gligoric, Radojka
    At all elements of working machines with rotation the part of force which starts them to work, transmits to that same machines. That machines are not stiff and the influences of the smallest force to them will provoke ...
  • Kinetics of Stone Fruit Drying 

    Zivkovic, Milovan; Kosi, Franc
    The results of the investigation of technical and technological parameters in the low temperature drying processes of stone fruit (plum and apricot) under both laboratory conditions and in a universal prototype dryer ...
  • Economic Aspects of Agricultural Mechanization Utilization in Serbia 

    Vasiljevic, Zorica; Subic, Jonel
    As an important production factor and an element of the fixed capital, mechanization has significant role in the process of agricultural production. Its importance has both technical and socio-economic character, as the ...
  • Contemporary Concepts in Reconstruction and Construction of Cattle Breeding Facilities 

    Tosic, Milan
    Beside genetic potential and feeding of cattle, a factor with growing importance in modern cattle breeding is a group of ambiental conditions and farm management, or a "stable + man" group. In reconstruction and construction ...
  • Integrity of Tractor Supporting Structures 

    Radonjic, Rajko
    In this paper the problem of tractor supporting structures integrity in respect to necessary construction rigidity, realization of working function, mass reduction and requested level of passive safety is considered. In ...
  • Available Wind Energy Potential in Our Country and Application of Wind Energy in Agriculture 

    Radicevic, Branko; Mikicic, Dusan; Vukic, Djukan
    Today, wind energetics is a modern, technically and technologically highly developed industry, with the biggest trend of development in the last decade (about 32%). In the entire today’s production of electric energy in ...

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