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WP4 ‐ Modernization of teaching contents 4.1. Need analysis for knowledge refreshment

dc.contributor.authorScepanovic, Danijela
dc.contributor.authorQuarrie, Steve
dc.contributor.authorColic, Slavica
dc.contributor.authorPetric, Dusan
dc.contributor.authorTanaskovic, Snezana
dc.contributor.authorJovanovic, Ljubinko
dc.contributor.authorDjordjevic, Natasa
dc.contributor.authorVukasinovic, Vidoje
dc.contributor.authorJankovic, Snezana
dc.contributor.authorPesikan, Ana
dc.contributor.authorSalasan, Cosmin
dc.contributor.authorBavec, Franc
dc.contributor.authorConto, Francesco
dc.contributor.authorPekić Quarrie, Sofija
dc.contributor.authorTopisirovic, Goran
dc.contributor.authorPoleksic, Vesna
dc.contributor.authorFaccilongo, Nicola
dc.contributor.authorPazienza, Pasquale
dc.description.abstractThis brochure is a result of the TEMPUS project “Building Capacity of Serbian Agricultural Education to Link with Society” (CaSA) 544072-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-RS-TEMPUS-SMHES (2013-4604/001-001). Daniela Šćepanović and Steve Quarrie were responsible for questionnaire construction, assisted by Slavica Čolić. Analysis of questionnaires was coordinated by Daniela Šćepanović, as well as final preparation and presentation of the results. For final document preparation, all CaSA Steering Committee members gave valuable contribution. For brochure final preparation Daniela Šćepanović, Vesna Poleksić and Goran Topisirović were in charge.en
dc.description.abstractTEMPUS Project: Building Capacity of Serbian Agricultural Education to Link with Society (CaSA) 544072-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-RS-TEMPUS-SMHES (2013 – 4604 / 001 - 001) Coordinator: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agricultureen
dc.subjectneed analysisen
dc.subjectknowledge refreshmenten
dc.subjectmiddle schoolsen
dc.titleNeed analysis for knowledge refreshment of agricultural school teachers and extension service advisors in agricultureen
dc.title.alternativeWP4 ‐ Modernization of teaching contents 4.1. Need analysis for knowledge refreshmenten

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